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About Manchester Car Repair

If you’re looking to get your car repaired, if it needs major repair work or if it’s just a bump or scratch, then we can get the job done for you. We’ve been repairing cars and putting them back out on the north-west roads for twenty years.

John, the owner, has been getting under the hood, organising those dents, polishing out those scratches for even longer than that – working on everything from gleaming Porsches, Bentleys and Ferraris to breathing new life into vehicles that others may have consigned to the scrap yard.

Our team of seven specialise in car diagnostics in Manchester as well as car repairs. An exceptional level of customer service, the workmanship that you can trust and a commitment to quality – that’s the Manchester Car Repair way!

One of our many competitive advantages is that we’re an independent car repair centre – we’re not just tied to one car manufacturer. Because we’re an independent garage, bringing your car into us to get it repaired means it will save you a hell of a lot more money compared to the price you’d have to pay at the main dealer. Often, our prices are up to 50% cheaper than those of the main dealer, so don’t just think of your main car dealer when it comes to getting it fixed – talk to us first and let’s see what we can do. Often, the shared expertise of those who’ve worked on many vehicles is better than those mechanics who’ve only specialised in one or two particular makes.

We know too that being involved in a car accident, finding that your car has been damaged or that it needs repairing can often be both a time consuming and stressful experience. So, we aim to take all the hassle out for you by keeping you fully informed of the car repair process: What’s gone wrong, what we need to do in order to get it fixed and how long it will take to get it right – with no nasty, costly surprises at the end either. What’s more, we have a range of courtesy cars to keep you on the road.

Whether it’s a minor repair job, then, or something more substantial. From repairing dents to bumpers, doors and boot lids. If you want to experience great customer service from a team that is dedicated and highly experienced, then you know where to come.

Contact us at Manchester Car Repair – and let’s get you back out on the road!