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About Blythes Garage

Welcome to Blythes Garage, where we offer a full range of services to keep your car or van running smoothly, from routine maintenance to engine overhaul.

Our independent garage in Sheffield offers a wide range of services, including vehicle maintenance, auto servicing, and MOT testing. At our independent garage in Swansea, we provide quotes for servicing most makes of vehicles. All maintenance and repairs are handled by professionals who are highly qualified and experienced. At a fraction of the cost of the competition, we maintain high servicing and repair standards. Many Sheffield residents consider us to be their go-to repair shop.

Thanks to our considerable knowledge, we can repair a wide range of vehicles at our independent garage in Swansea, from family four-seaters to high-performance cars. In addition, we offer skilled tyre repair.

Our garage in Sheffield is a well-known and well-established business in the Sheffield area. The goal of Blythes Garage is to deliver a competent, dependable, and high-quality service. Our garage in Sheffield is the place to go if you're looking for a garage in Sheffield.

We recognize how difficult it is to be without a car, which is why our Swansea auto professionals work tirelessly to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Please make your appointment as soon as possible!

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